German Sexual Violence Skyrocketing Thanks to Merkel

by Vlad Rothstein 
As we stated many years ago, religious wars would skyrocket and we continued to report this over the years. In 2014 and 2015 we stated that our religious provocation index had hit the red zone; translation, all hell was going to break loose and that is exactly what happened.  The stupid policy of opening the gates to everyone without vetting them is the cause of all these problems.  Most of the immigrants making their way to Europe have low IQ’s and it has repeatedly been illustrated that Low IQ individuals are easy to manipulate and control.   The only solution is to start a new screening process that involves bag and tag. The ones that don’t make it are bagged and send back to their homelands end of story.

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Σέβομαι τους νεκρούς, και όταν ακόμη είναι ζωντανοί. (Β)'