When the Nazis occupied Budapest in 1944, George Soros’ father was a successful lawyer. He lived on an island in the Danube and liked to commute to work in a rowboat. But knowing there were problems ahead for the Jews, he decided to split his family up. He bought them forged papers and he bribed a government official to take 14-year-old George Soros in and swear that he was his Christian godson. But survival carried a heavy price tag. While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews... And you [Soros] watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.

Παρασκευή, 23 Μαρτίου 2018

Στή γῆ τῶν Κόλχων θά ἐκστρατεύουμε

Οὐ γάρ δή πλεῦσαι πρός βάρβαρα φῦλα μέδονται

νόσφι σέθεν καί γάρ ρά ποτί ζόφον ἠερόεντα,

νείατον εἰς κευθμῶνα, λιτῆς εἰς πυθμένα γαίης,

μοῦνον ἀπ’ ἀνθρώπων πελᾶσαι καί νόστον ἀνευρεῖν

Κόλχων αἶαν ἐπειγόμενοι, Πελίηος ἐς αὐδάς


Διότι οὔτε πού σκέφτονται νά ταξιδεύσουν πρός τίς βαρβαρικές φυλές

(σ.σ. βάρβαρος: ὁ μή Ἕλλην) χωρίς ἐσένα. Καί πράγματι, μόνον ἐσύ

ἀπό τούς ἀνθρώπους μπορεῖς νά διαβεῖς τή σκοτεινή καταχνιά, τόν

ἔσχατο κρυψῶνα καί τήν περιοχή τῆς γῆς μέ τόν ἀβαθή πυθμένα καί

νά βρεῖς τό δρόμο τῆς ἐπιστροφῆς.

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