The George Soros funded liberal attack group Color of Change has sent over 20,000 emails to CNN


Has also called for shutting down Republican convention
Kurt Nimmo |

The George Soros funded liberal attack group Color of Change has sent over 20,000 emails to CNN calling for the network to terminate Jeff Lord and Andy Dean for positive comments the analysts have made about presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

The emails were sent to CNN President Jeff Zucker and Vice President for Talent Amy Entelis.

“When CNN pays people like Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean to defend and make excuses for Trump’s racist and violent message CNN is anything but unbiased, and ends up validating Trump’s violent message for millions of viewers,” Rashad Robinson, director of the groups, said in a press release.

Robinson accused the network “shaping the perceptions” of viewers by not denouncing the candidate.

Jeff Zucker denies his network has promoted Trump. “The front-runner of the party is always going to get the lion’s share of attention,” he said. While other candidates have turned down interviews with CNN, Trump “has always been much more available. I’m not going to penalize him for saying ‘yes.'”

On Friday Salon accused the network of handing over free airtime to the popular candidate. “Trump has received, by some estimates, the equivalent of nearly $2 billion in advertising through his constant presence on television,” Jack Mirkenson claimed.

Color of Change also posted a petition demanding Coca-Cola, Google, Xerox, AT&T, Adobe Systems, and Cisco immediately cancel “sponsorship of a Donald Trump-led Republican National Convention. This includes any monetary and in-kind contributions to the Host Committee for the Republican National Convention as well as any in-kind contributions to the Republican National Committee in exchange for promotional consideration. Any sponsorship of a Trump-led convention will be an endorsement of his hate-filled and racist rhetoric and runs counter to the values of your company.”

The Soros-funded organization also receives money from the Tides Foundation and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). It has partnered with ACORN and collaborated with Media Matters.

The Tides Foundation, described as “the radical left’s best kept secret,” explains its “primary exempt purpose is grantmaking. We partner with donors to promote economic justice, robust democratic processes,” and, in the case of funding Color of Change, attempting to prevent the media from covering presidential candidates it opposes and also shutting down the Republican national convention.

In 2009 SEIU thugs assaulted and beat a protester in St. Louis opposed to Obamacare. In 2007 then-presidential candidate Barack Obama said the labor organization’s “agenda’s been my agenda.”

An exposé in 2007 revealed efforts by ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) to give advice on how to evade detection for tax evasion, human smuggling and child prostitution. Congress voted to eliminate federal funding for ACORN as a result of the exposé. The group has also been accused of engaging in vote fraud by turning in duplicate and forged voter registration cards.

Media Matters for America is a media watchdog group founded by David Brock and MoveOn consultant Tom Matzzie. It is supported by John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP). In addition to supporting the war in Afghanistan, CAP played an instrumental role in the election of Obama. It receives money from George Soros and undisclosed corporate sources. 

Media Matters specializes in attacking Fox News and routinely attacks Alex Jones.

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