Obama, Clinton, Abedin, Weiner Are Co-conspirators In The Greatest US Government Crime Spree Ever

Abedin Accuses Assange of Cyber-Crime When She and Clinton are the Criminals Who Set Up the Unlawful Server and Email

SOTN Editor’s Note:

The real irony presented in the following RT article is that it is the Obama-Hillary Clinton-Huma Abedin tag team that committed serious crimes in the establishment of a home-based server and private email address to conduct official government business at State.
The primary reason why Wikileaks was able to hack Secretary of State Clinton’s email was because of how unsecured and utterly exposed it was.

And yet, Abedin is calling Julian Assange a criminal for doing what whistleblowers do—calling out government officials for their serial misconduct and serious crimes perpetrated against the people and the country.  As for Secretary Clinton’s central role in this unrivalled debacle, she is now legally barred from holding public office in the United States Government. Nevertheless, she still runs for POTUS even though as a trained lawyer she knows the law quite well in this regard.

Like Watergate, the Cover-up Will Take
Downthe Obama-Clinton-Abedin Crime



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