Ex-CIA head Woolsey tops list of prominent national security appointees

Conflicting with numerous statements regarding the merits of the invasion of Iraq made during the election season, President-elect Donald Trump is considering former CIA Director James Woolsey for a top-tier position in the national security apparatus in his administration, according to sources within in the GOP.

In an interview with RT America, the former director stopped short of naming himself to any specific position, but said Trump’s administration will comprise “individuals who would normally be regarded as part of the establishment, but who are willing to work for him, with him to make some changes in American policy.”

Woolsey went on to say that “there are opportunities for former adversaries such as the U.S. and Russia to work together on some things,” referring specifically to Islamic terrorism.

A known neoconservative, Woolsey served as head of the CIA from 1993–1995 under former president Bill Clinton. Woolsey was also a sharp critic of failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy proposals.

A strong supporter of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Woolsey established part of his neocon credentials as one of over a dozen foreign policy experts who penned a letter to Bill Clinton urging him to depose then-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 1998.

Following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Woolsey was among the first to assert Iraq had orchestrated the assault and supported Mr. Trump in the general election largely over the New York businessman’s aim to increase defense spending.

Following his departure from the CIA, Woolsey has served on the boards of several research and advocacy groups and is a partner with Lux Capital, a New York-based venture capitalist firm specializing emerging technology investment, which primarily includes drones, satellite imaging, and artificial intelligence.



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