Is Hillary’s Looming Indictment Hanging Over Her Like The Sword Of Damocles …

… Just As Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate Has Hung Over Him During His Tw0 Terms?

Which begs the question: Exactly WHO is it that has precariously positioned ‘Sword Of Damocles’ over the head of every U.S. president in recent history?

If the American people are to be liberated from the cabal of ruling elites who secretly control the entire U.S. Federal Government, they MUST answer this question, once and for all. They must also terminate the relationship with the banksters who have forever misappropriated the U.S. Treasury and stolen America’s wealth.  The currentObamanation stands as a stark testament to this rapidly devolving state of affairs.
The covert NWO agenda which dictates so much of what goes on in Washington, D.C. must be exposed for all to see.  Each and every co-conspirator of this nefarious agenda which be identified and arrested post haste.  They must also be tried and sentenced accordingly for their multi-decade crime spree against the world-at-large.  The USA simply cannot tolerate another 4 years of Illuminati-imposed dictatorship.  In fact both sides of the political coin in America are completely counterfeit which must be found out by the electorate… before it’s too late.
The Obama presidency represents the paragon of total control which has been exerted over every aspect of this nation and its various levels of government.  As the ultimateManchurian Candidate, Obama has tyrannized the United States of America just as he has terrorized the world community of nations.  That they awarded him a Nobel Peace Prize to so profoundly betray the America people and to warmonger across the whole planet stands as testimony to his unparalleled treason and other serious crimes against humanity.

Damocles Sword

After eight ruinous years under Obama the country can hardly stand another flaming despot or complete incompetent.  In fact a community organizer was quite purposefully chosen to lead the most powerful nation in the world so that he could be so easily manipulated into doing whatever TPTB wanted him to do.  It was very easy for them to get him to jump through hoops of fire while being drenched with gasoline because they perfectly positioned Sword Of Damocles over his head over both terms —his fake, forged and transparently fraudulent birth certificate.

Such a Manchurian Candidate as Obama didn’t even have a clue that such a sharp blade was being pre-positioned throughout his entire political career.  Of course, what kind of a political career did he really have?!  He was deliberately set up to do absolutely nothing that would draw attention to himself.  This kind of character was quite meticulously chosen to reflexively respond to the imminent threat that a Sword Of Damocles truly poses. How easy is it to scare the most fearful guy in the room?  A “deer in the headlights” has come to describe many of the photos taken of Obama over the course of the past 7 and 1/2 years.  Which is why they chose a half white, half black Uncle Tom to take down America, once and for all.
Now the nation is faced with another type of Manchurian Candidate.  Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been carefully cultivated over many decades for their current campaign roles. Clinton knows it; Trump may not, which is why he is so convincing and she’s a total fraud.
The development of Donald Trump’s character for this political theater most likely took place in a completely different context than the normal laboratory that is utilized to create their political Frankensteins.  After Obama was so easily found out by a large swath of the U.S. citizenry (which they planned for), the World Shadow Government realized that they had to present characters that came from a completely different mold.  The Clinton farce was already familiar to everyone just as The Donald was a common face on network TV. In this fashion TPTB could not be accused of literally creating a CIA-fabricated POTUS like Obama.  They have had to work triple time to keep that genie in the bottle because of how many  obvious holes there are in his story.  When one’s personal history is almost all fiction, what else could they do.  However, only in this way has the Sword Of Damoclesfunctioned as such an effective weapon of presidential compliance with their every wish and whim.  After all, how presidents or prime ministers have there ever been who would literally restart the Cold War with Russia … … … after receiving the now worthless Nobel Peace Prize.
Should either Clinton or Trump become POTUS, the situation in America will assuredly go from extremely bad to worse.  Clinton is as scary as it gets for shamelessly promoting the NWO agenda.  Trump doesn’t yet know what will be expected of him because they have’t given hime the marching orders just yet.  In this way his genuine but quixotic intentions to “Make America Great Again” are expressed with sincerity and zeal.  Had he known that he would be nothing other than another presidential pawn selected to prosecute unlawful wars of aggression around the globe, he would likely terminate his candidacy in a New York minute.

As foe Clinton, she is hardwired since childhood to carry the NWO torch all the way to a establishment of the upcoming One World Government.  Whether her time is now or later, both she and Bill will always be used to con the American people until their vary last breath. Who ever did that better than Slick Willie?  Hillary’s a different story who would rule like a cruel queen.  Trump would probably be a Henry the Eight.
In any case, whoever is ultimately selected by the ruling elites to promote their perpetual war economy, they will have Damocles Sword hanging right over their vulnerable head every moment, of every day, that they occupy the Oval Office and sleep in the White House.  That’s just the way it’s always been.  And if you don’t believe it, just watch this video
State of the Nation
June 9, 2016

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