I prefer to use Twitter and Gab to post short messages and quick notes.

From Ken Adachi


I appreciate being asked to join LinkedIn networks, but I don't want to be part of Facebook, or Google, or other social media outlets that require you to sign up, including LinkedIn. I prefer to use Twitter and Gab to post short messages and quick notes. 

My Twitter account is https://twitter.com/KenAdachi1 and my Gab account is https://gab.ai/KenAdachi

New ~ The Advantage of Encrypted Email

I want to switch over to encrypted email for all electronic communication wherever possible. I created a new mail account with a server in Germany called "http://tutanota.com" which anyone can join for free with a User name and Password. Approval in now immediate. 

While I'm sure the NSA and Swiss Intelligence can hack into encrypted email, your average fed agency, or military, or private hacker cannot, affording us some degree of privacy from unconstitutional surveillance and data mining. 

I assume that everyone knows by now that every email and every phone call you make, unless encrypted, is stored in multiple government and Israeli Intelligence computer systems and is available to just about any government agency or law enforcement entity or Israeli criminal who wants access to it regardless of the illegal and unconstituional collelction of that data. 

Instead of the form below, send your email to pitari@tutanota.com and I will arrange it so we can talk back and forth as encrypted email and have some privacy.